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January/February 2015 Typography Annual 5
Features the award-winning work from our 5th Annual Typography Competition, plus in-depth profiles of editorial illustrator Emiliano Ponzi, photographer Ditte Isager, interactive exhibit creators Local Projects, ad agency 180LA and graphic design duo Device Creative Collaborative. Add to that a wealth of informative columns from industry insiders covering advertising, creativity, design details, business and design culture—this is one issue that all creative professionals won't want to miss!

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January/February 2015 Typography Annual 5


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Table of Contents
Ditte Isager
Inspired by Danish master painters, a photographer returns to Copenhagen to capture food and interiors in her distinctively northern light.
by Monica Kass Rogers

Device Creative Collaborative
From specialty printing techniques to hand-lettered type, this North Carolinian design duo shares a fervor for finely crafted details.
by Matthew Porter

At the Los Angeles office of this ad agency, founded in Amsterdam, “180” is more than a name. It’s how they think.
by Julie Prendiville Roux

Emiliano Ponzi
The prolific Milan-based editorial illustrator tells stories through subtle symbolic clues.
by Bonnie Smetts

Local Projects
A New York media design firm specializing in interactive exhibits uses technology to make museums more human.
by Joe Shepter

The latest and best in visual communication from here and abroad.
by Jean A. Coyne

A French photographer and graphic designer collaborate on low-tech, high-concept music videos.

Alice Wellinger
With paintings that are at once surreal and tender, an Austrian illustrator makes her midlife debut.

Josh Wool
A Brooklyn-based chef-turned-photographer captures portraits steeped in Southern nostalgia.

A sellout or a win-win? Elise Craig asks artists adapting their street-style to the corporate canvas.

Have the shiny objects of our world dulled our ability to see? Ernie Schenck shares his suspicion.

Design Culture
Writer Susan Hodara muses on the miracle that creative professionals experience daily.

Riddle-lover Bob Hambly guides newbie designers through the darkness of creative ambiguity.

Design Details
Sara Breselor asks experienced brand strategists the age-old question—what’s in a name?

A Q&A with web designer, magazine publisher and type aficionado Elliot Jay Stocks.

Why crowdsourcers compete and whether we should care, by Jessica Carew Kraft.

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