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September/October 2008 Interactive Annual 14
The September/October issue of Communication Arts showcases the winners of our 14th Interactive Competition. In addition, you'll also find features on New York photographer Howard Schatz, the fantastic, illustrated tableaus created by Red Nose Studio, a Minneapolis agency that keeps it simple, and a historical and cultural look at graphic design in New Zealand. With insightful columns by Laurie Rosenwald, Thomas Phinney and Ernie Schenck, you won't want to miss this issue!

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September/October 2008 Interactive Annual 14


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Table of Contents
Howard Schatz
Surprise and delight are hallmarks of this New York City-based photographer.
By Anne Telford

Living on the Edge
Visual communication design in New Zealand.
By Robert L. Peters, FGDC

Red Nose Studio
This 3-D illustrator mixes rich imagination and homegrown engineering to craft a world of make-believe.
By Matthew Porter

A Minneapolis agency that stands for simplicity.
By Tiffany Meyers

The latest and best in visual communication from here and abroad.
By Jean A. Coyne

Jay Taylor
This U.K.-based illustrator blends social commentary, stationery and a bit of humor in his work.

John Fulton
Less is more for this Savannah, Georgia-based photographer.

Catherine Lepage
A Montréal designer keeps her work playful and surprising.

Design Issues
Laurie Rosenwald advocates making mistakes on purpose.

Design Culture
Wendy Richmond expands her visual awareness through sound.

Sustainability: Nike puts its best foot forward, by Sam McMillan.

Emerging Media
Joe Shepter explores the riddle of advertising on social networking sites.

Tad Crawford discusses two new Orphan Works bills.

Web Watch
An unconventional Web site for an avant-garde architecture school, and three online destinations.

Ernie Schenck cautions that envy is a seductive thing.

Thomas Phinney on text, glyphs and OpenType.

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