Communication Arts
Exceptional Design, Advertising, Illustration, Photography, Interative and Typography, since 1959.
December 1960
Multi-topic Issue
Annual report issue featuring selections from IBM, Anderson, Clayton & Co., Standard Oil, Bausch & Lomb Optical; Kimberly-Clark, General Dynamics, American Machine & Foundry, Corning Glass Works, and International Minerals and Chemical Corporation; CA Color rust-red and black duotones; Edwin H. White on the creative mind; a sampling of company literature; selections from the first Illustration West exhibition sponsored by the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles; selections from the Memphis Art Directors Club exhibition winners; Chicago illustrator Elsa Kula; cartoons by André François; the graphic design for the 39th Annual of the New York Art Directors Club; photos of the construction of Lockheed Missile and Space Division; part 1 of comments and observations on retouching.
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