Communication Arts
Exceptional Design, Advertising, Illustration, Photography, Interative and Typography, since 1959.
September/October 1989
Multi-topic Issue
London-based Lewis Moberly's graceful and stylish packaging design; the painterly and confrontational portraits of photographer William Coupon; New York City advertising and graphic design firm Drenttel Doyle Partners; the prodigious and assertive illustrations of Anthony Russo; the impressive growth of North Carolina-based McKinney & Silver agency; Michael Cronan's wide-ranging design talent; Hans Rudi Erdt's prolific output and stylistic contributions to German poster art's golden age. Tad Crawford constructs a time capsule of legal events in copyright law; Jon Weiman on artists' rights and the damage done to originals by early mechanical reproduction techniques; Wendy Richmond on broadening the definition of "designer" in the digital age.
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