Communication Arts
Exceptional Design, Advertising, Illustration, Photography, Interative and Typography, since 1959.
July 2000
Illustration Annual 41
The Illustration Annual showcases outstanding illustration work from the U.S. and abroad. This year's Illustration Annual received 6,414 entries. The 244 selected entries show a trend toward more tightly rendered illustration and a higher percentage of series. Pixar Animation Studios is the technology feature. Lisa L. Cyr discusses challenges which create new opportunities for illustrators; Barbara Gordon offers insights on the changing freelance scene; and Gary Priester tests Macromedia FreeHand 9. Rounding out the issue's editorial content, Paulie Boutlis offers his theory of zen advertising; Gry Duehr urges taking back our public spaces and David Sterling offers mini-profiles of twelve designers and artists who have used their skills and talent to help others.
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