Communication Arts
Exceptional Design, Advertising, Illustration, Photography, Interative and Typography, since 1959.
January/February 2001
Multi-topic Issue
The January/February issue of Communication Arts offers a rich exploration of album cover design (looking at past influences, present struggles and future predictions); an overview of the ad scene in Singapore where creative expression gets a free rein; profiles of Kwaku Alston, a hot young L.A.-based photographer with a great eye--and business plan; Nanette Biers, a Northern California illustrator with a painterly style that harks back to the 19th century; and Grant Design Collaborative, a Canton, Georgia firm with heartfelt design work. You'll also find our popular annual color predictions article where we show you what colors are hot, and why. The Eco newsletter examines advocacy advertising and we take a look back at the career of legenary Doyle Dane Bernbach art director Helmut Krone. That's just the features, there's a wealth of information in our columns on Freelance, Advertising, Design Issues, Legal Affairs, Technology Reviews, among others, so order an issue now!
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