Communication Arts
Exceptional Design, Advertising, Illustration, Photography, Interative and Typography, since 1959.
May/June 2001
Multi-topic Issue
The May/June issue of Communication Arts offers an exciting 17-page overview of the changing design scene in Japan; a look inside the weird and wonderful world of illustrator Mark Ryden (who was interviewed by fellow illustrator Joel Nakamura); profiles of French Web designer Marc Sixdeniers; New York design firm Ralph Appelbaum Associates Incorporated (famous for the Holocaust Museum, among others); London-based agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO; San Francisco photographer Deborah Jones; our popular yearly feature Great Ideas (on Limited Budgets); plus Eco, Exhibit and a Pioneers feature on art director/photographer Otto Storch. That's just the features, there's a wealth of information in our columns on Freelance, Advertising, Design Issues, Legal Affairs, Technology Reviews, plus others, so order an issue now!
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